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8 Paint Colors Our Design Studio Swears By

Selecting paint colors is one of the most important decisions we make with our clients. The color palette really shapes the overall design narrative, often setting the tone for the entire home. Whether it's clean and classic or moody and subdued, it's a decision that requires careful thought to make sure it's something they'll love for years to come.

Honing in on just the right hue can be notoriously tricky, even for the most experienced designers. Paint has a way of taking on different undertones depending on the lighting conditions, which can vary drastically from house to house, and even room to room throughout the day. Luckily, we’ve tested enough colors over the years to develop a vetted list of favorites we know and trust. These are the paint colors we turn to for client work, but we’ve also used many of these exact shades in our own homes—that’s how much we love them.

We’re breaking up this list of paint colors into two parts, starting with the classic, creamy whites and ending with the more earthy, tonal hues for depth and mood.

Modern spiral staircase by Ashley Ferguson Interiors



Before diving into specifics, let’s discuss the brands and sources for our paint colors. While there are many great names in the paint market, we typically stick to two: Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball. Benjamin Moore excels in white paint colors. Their shades like Swiss Coffee are great for adding depth to a bedroom, while White Dove and Simply White are endlessly versatile. Like a classic white tee, Benjamin Moore's white paint colors work beautifully in any context.

For more adventurous hues, we turn to Farrow & Ball. Based in the UK, this brand has the most curated collection of designer-loved paint colors, and each shade is so fresh yet timeless. One important caveat with Farrow & Ball is that sourcing their colors isn’t as straightforward as other brands. Farrow & Ball paint is ordered online which, of course, also involves waiting for shipping. As an alternative, it’s possible to have a local paint store attempt a color match. This can be a more cost-effective route to get the Farrow & Ball look, minus the wait time.

While sourcing directly from Farrow & Ball does require some extra legwork, we've never been disappointed with their product. Every color is so elevated, and their limited selection simplifies the decision-making process.

The Best White Paint Colors, Ashley Ferguson Interiors
White bedroom paint color, Modern spiral staircase by Ashley Ferguson Interiors


White Dove is timeless, in our book. It's perfect for achieving a classic look, and works beautifully for walls, trim, and ceilings, creating a seamless, bright environment throughout a home.

Simply White is another go-to for a fresh, clean aesthetic. Like White Dove, it’s ideal for a cohesive white space, providing a crisp backdrop that allows us to take the design plans in any direction.

For a white with a bit more character, Swiss Coffee is a fantastic choice. Its slightly moodier tone works well for bedrooms or areas where we want a touch of warmth and depth.

The Best White Paint Colors, Modern spiral staircase by Ashley Ferguson Interiors



Don’t let the name throw you—Mouse’s Back is such a sophisticated paint color. It’s a mid-tone brown with green undertones that adds depth and richness to a room. While it does fall in the ‘moody’ category, I love how Mouse’s Back maintains a true neutral feel.

London Stone offers a similar vibe to Mouse’s Back but is slightly lighter, making it ideal for color drenching. I love using it to paint the walls, ceilings, and trim in this single hue for a cohesive, enveloping effect.

Forget everything you assume about pink paint colors. Sulking Room Pink is a deeply sophisticated hue that adds so much elegance. Recently, I (Ashley) took the plunge and painted my entire bedroom in Sulking Room Pink, and it turned out even better than imagined.

Moody bedroom paint color, Modern spiral staircase by Ashley Ferguson Interiors
Earthy paint color,  Ashley Ferguson Interiors
Pink bedroom paint color, Ashley Ferguson Interiors

Setting Plaster is another Farrow & Ball cult favorite. It’s described as a dusty pink with vibrant yet grounded peachy-brown undertones. We used Setting Plaster for a client’s dining room, covering both the walls and ceiling, and it created such a warm ambiance.

We recently sung the praises of Cromarty in an Apartment Therapy article, and it will forever be a favorite. Cromarty is not your average neutral. It’s a muted gray-green with a calming presence and works really well on kitchen cabinetry and walls alike.

The Best Farrow & Ball Paint Colors, Ashley Ferguson Interiors

We hope this list helps minimize the decision fatigue that comes with paint sourcing. Remember to always sample your colors on the wall before you begin a project and watch how it interacts with light throughout the day. It’s a key step to achieving the perfect look and feel for your space.

Design: Ashley Ferguson Interiors


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