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Almirante Cv

In undertaking a full remodel, we embarked on a transformational journey, bidding farewell to the ornate Tuscan design and embracing a more contemporary aesthetic. With a focus on luxury, we opted for high-end finishes that would elevate the space to new heights of sophistication. White oak tongue and groove paneling became the cornerstone of our design, infusing the interior with warmth and elegance. To bring a touch of old-world charm, lime plaster work adorned the walls, creating a visually captivating texture. Recognizing the importance of natural light, we strategically incorporated skylights throughout the property, bathing the rooms in a soft, ethereal glow. Furthermore, we reimagined the layout by moving walls, resulting in an open-concept design that fostered seamless flow and a sense of spaciousness. This remodel was a harmonious blend of meticulous detailing, contemporary elements, and thoughtful architectural adjustments, culminating in a truly revitalized and captivating living space.


Remodel & Renovation


Kieran Reeves

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